The Dog Hotel has 7 rooms with air-conditioning  and 7 pens. There is one kennel in each pen. Most of the rooms are big enough for two dogs, but only dogs from the same family can stay together. If the weather is nice they stay out all day. In summertime we take them in around  1pm  with the air-conditioning on and let them out again at 5pm. After that they will be out until 10pm and  we take them in,  give them a biscuit and say ”good night”.

Breakfast is served around 7.30 am when we let the dogs out and dinner is served around 5 pm. On the menu is dry food, EUKANUBA adult  for all dogs. We also have chicken and meat on the menu!

After breakfast or after dinner (depending on the weather) we take all dogs out for long walks individually in a lovely ravine on long Flexi leads so they can feel free.

Prices per day or part there of:

£8 / /dog.

£7/day/dog if 2 can share one room.

£6/day/dog if 3 can share one room.


The Cattery is separate from the Dog Hotel. There  we have 5 rooms and we feed the cats twice a day. Only cats from the same family may stay together in the same room.

Prices per day or part there of:

 £5 /day/ cat.

£4/ day/cat if 2  can share one room.


You can bring or collect your pet in the morning or evening .

The area is CCTV-controlled and we are living next door.