It is best to start training your dog when it is young, preferably around 3 or 4 months old. But remember it is never too late! Once I took care of a 10 year old dog. He had been in a pen his whole life. After a few months training he did all he was supposed to, not perfectly, but he tried. That is the most important thing!

We take groups of 5-6 dogs.

The cost is  40TL per lesson.

1st lesson
Sit! Stay! – Your dog should sit or stay near your side while being attentive.

2nd lesson
Heel! Come! – Your dog should walk nicely on the lead without pulling. Also come when you call him.

3rd lesson
Down! – Your dog should lie down and hopefully stay down for a few seconds.

4th lesson
Jump! – Your dog should jump a hurdle ONLY on command! Also crawl.

5th lesson
Repeat! – We will be repeating all the commands and discussing all the problems you may encounter while training.

This is what we call Basic Training. If you are interested in continuing training, this can be arranged.

If you have other problems with your dog, maybe it’s aggressive towards people or other dogs, we recomend you contact

Merter Öktem (Dog behaviorist) at Dog Mental